What is a Pannenkoek?

Literally translated “pannenkoek” is the Dutch word for pancake. A pannenkoek is a delicious crepe with a variety of ingredients cooked right into the batter, making this not your average North American pancake. In the Netherlands, they are eaten primarily for lunch or dinner, but our variety of choices makes them perfect for any meal!

Pannenkoek size and taste can vary depending on who is cooking and the method used, but at the Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus you can expect your pannenkoek to be 12” in diameter, rolled out thin with most savoury ingredients cooked right in the batter and some of our sweet ingredients are served right on top.  The more ingredients added, the more filling a pannenkoek becomes!

Along with more than 45 different suggested combinations on the regular menu, each month our chefs and staff work together to create a new and delicious masterpiece for you to savour as well as the option to “Build Your Own Pannenkoek”! With over a million pannenkoeken sold we are sure there is one that will appeal to your taste buds.

Black Forest Pannenkoek
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