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Hands down the most popular savoury item on the menu is the: Potato, Onion, Bacon & Cheese Pannenkoek (with a side of sour cream). Want to try something a little sweeter? Then our staff suggest: Black Forest (with all the toppings*) Pannenkoek *includes liqueur.

Current Special

The ingredients for the special are NOT available for build-your-own
Cubano Pannenkoek
A Cuban sandwich inspired pannenkoek. A pannenkoek with ham, shredded pork with Cuban inspired seasonings, swiss cheese, drizzled with honey mustard, and topped with pickles.


Caramel Whipped Cream
Try our new caramel whipped cream on your pannenkoek today!


The mushroom, House of Orange, and Pea Soup are gluten-free, made in-house, and are served with a bun (bun is not gluten free). The chicken soup is NOT currently Gluten Free. A CUP would be considered "small" and a BOWL would be considered "large"
CUP of Cream of Mushroom
BOWL of Cream of Mushroom
CUP of Chicken Vegetable with drop-noodles
*Please note at the moment this soup is NOT gluten free.
BOWL of Chicken Vegetable with drop-noodles
*Please note at the moment this soup is NOT gluten free.
CUP House of "Orange" Soup
Perfect for vegetarians! Butternut squash and ginger (garnished with banana peppers) *Dairy, gluten, and MSG free
BOWL of House of "Orange" Soup
Perfect for vegetarians! Butternut squash and ginger (garnished with banana peppers) *Dairy, gluten, and MSG free
CUP of Dutch Pea Soup
BOWL of Dutch Pea Soup


Add diced Chicken Breast to your salad for $3.50
1/2 Size House Salad
with homemade house dressing
FULL Size House Salad
with homemade house dressing
1/2 Size Caeser Salad
FULL Size Caeser Salad


All omelettes are made with three (3) eggs and served with whole wheat toast, butter, and choice of a small house salad or a fruit salad. You can add cheese to any omelette for $1.25
Plain omelette
*Add cheese for $1.25
Mushroom omelette
*Add cheese for $1.25
Ham, mushroom, and onion Omelette
*Add cheese for $1.25
Vegetarian Omelette
with mushroom, onion, spinach, tomato, olives *Add cheese for $1.25
Farmers omelette
with bacon, ham, mushroom, onion, potato, and mixed vegetables *Add cheese for $1.25


Open-Faced Sandwiches. All served with your choice of a small house salad or fruit salad and with whole wheat toast
Ham Uitsmijter
Three fried eggs on toast with ham
Cheese Uitsmijter*
Three fried eggs on toast with gouda OR cheddar *Add ham for $2.25
Toast Meal
Sautéed ham, mushrooms, onion, potato with toast

Classic Savoury

Classic Savoury Pannenkoeken
Bacon & Egg
Ham, leek, & cheese
Ham, tomato, & cheese
Bacon, leek, & mushrooms
Bacon, peppers, & mushrooms
Bacon, peppers, & onions
Steak, onion, & shredded potatoes
Double Bacon
Bacon, smoked sausage, & egg
Bacon, smoked sausage, & mushrooms
Bacon, mushroom, & cheese
Shredded potato, onion, bacon, & cheese*
*Add smoked sausage for $2.25

Vegetarian Fare

Onion & mushroom
Apple & onion
Potato, onion, & cheese
Cranberry, spinach, feta with red onions (fresh on top)*
*Add chicken for $3.50
House Special Vegeterian
Tomato, mushroom, onion, & cheese* *Add potato for $1.50
Six Cheese
Cheddar, mozza, edam, gouda, feta, topped with parmesan


Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus' speciality savoury pannenkeoken
De Bosrand
Ham, mushroom, egg, & cheese
Smoked sausage, leek, mushroom, & cheese served with a small house salad on top
Herb Butter
Ham, mushroom, onion, & cheese served with a herb butter patty and a small house salad on top
Philly Cheese Steak
Steak, peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheese, & a side of BBQ sauce
Chicken Parmesan
Chicken, bacon, leek, mushrooms, & fresh parmesan
Chicken, spinach, olives, feta cheese, house blend cheese, garnished with fresh on top tomatoes & red onions


If you like sweet & salty then you'll like these pannenkoeken
Ham & pineapple
Bacon & raisins
Bacon & apple
Bacon & pineapple
Ham, pineapple, & cheese*
*Or replace ham for bacon for $1.25 extra
Bacon, apple, & raisin
Bacon, raisins, & cheese
Bacon, apple, & cheese
Chicken, peppers, onion, & pineapple

Speciality Sweet

Pannenkoeken With Liqueur* *Must be over 18 to enjoy the liqueur portion of these pannenkoeken
Heavens Delight
Mandarins, ice cream, whipped cream, and orange liqueur in a chocolate cup
Black Forest
Warm cherries, ice cream, whipped cream, Kirschwasser in a chocolate cup, and chocolate sauce

Classic Sweet

Classic Sweet Pannenkeoken
Icing sugar OR brown sugar
Lemon juice and brown sugar
Dutch apple sauce
Cinnamon roll*
Brown sugar, cinnamon, cream cheese icing *Add baked apple for $2.25
Apple, cinnamon, & icing sugar
Warm berries
CHOOSE: blueberries OR saskatoon berries OR cherries
Banana & chocolate sauce
Banana & Nutella
Banana, coconut, & chocolate sauce
Warm berries with ice cream
Choose: blueberries OR saskatoons
Warm cherries, ice cream, and chocolate sauce*
*Add whipped cream for $1.25 extra

Build your Own

Base Price: $7.95 (we recommend no more than 5 ingredients)

Savoury | Base: $7.95

+ 1.00 Each
Herb Butter Patty | BBQ Sauce
+ $1.25 Each
Banana Peppers (side) | Sour Cream
+ $1.50 Each Ingredient
Tomato | Leek | Mushroom | Peppers | Spinach | Shredded potato | Black Olives | Red Onions (fresh on top only) | Egg | White Onions
+ $1.50 Each Side
Sambal Manis (Indonesian sweet sauce) | Sambal Oelek (Indonesian salty hot sauce) | Ketjap Manis (Sweet soya sauce)
+ $1.95 Each Ingredient
Shredded Parmesan
+ 2.25 Each Ingredient
Ham | Smoked Sausage | Mixed Cheese | Feta Cheese
+ $3.50 Each Ingredient
Chicken | Steak | Bacon

Sweet | Base: $7.95

+$1.25 Each Ingredient
Coconut | Dried Cranberries | Raisins | Maple Toasted Pecans | Raspberry / strawberry Jam | Lemon Juice | Dutch Apple sauce | Whipped Cream | Chocolate Sauce | Caramel Sauce | Maple Syrup
+ $1.75 Each Ingredient
Nutella Whipped Cream | Nutella | Cream Cheese Icing | Caramel Whipped Cream
+ $2.25 Each Ingredient
Apple | Banana | Mandarins | Pineapple
+ $3.00 Each Ingredient
Cherries | Saskatoons | Blueberries | Ginger Balls | Ginger Jam
+ $3.95
3 Scoops of Ice Cream on a Pizzelle Wafer


Small House Salad
Cheddar Cheese Slices
3 Slices
Gouda Slices
3 Slices
Fresh fruit cup

Ice Cream Cups

Regular Ice Cream Cup
3 scoops with chocolate sauce & whipped cream
Ice Cream cup with berries
Choose 1: blueberries, saskatoons, or cherries (cherry comes with chocolate sauce) Includes whipped cream



Hot Drinks

Regular or Decaf Free re-fills with meal purchase or $0.50/re-fill
Flavoured/Herbal Teas
Regular Tea
Hot Apple Cider
Chai Latte
Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream


Large White Milk
Large Chocolate Milk


Regular Lemonade


Orange | Apple | Cranberry | Ruby Red Grapefruit Cocktail | Tomato | Clamato

Double Dutch

Tonic Water/Mixers | Multiple Flavours (200 ml)
Pomegranate & Basil | Indian Tonic Water | Cucumber & Watermelon | Skinny Tonic Water | Ginger Beer

Soft Drinks

Pepsi | Diet Pepsi | Iced Tea | 7-Up | Root Beer

European Soda

Imported from the Netherlands
Dutch Blackcurrant Soda
European Orange Fanta
Cloudy Lemonade
Carbonated Lemon/Lime Drink

Canned/Bottled Drinks

Bottled Water (bottle)
Ginger Ale (can)
Bubly (can)
Flavoured sparkling water
Perrier (Mineral Water) (bottle)
Gerolsteiner (750 ml) (bottle)
Mineral Water

Mixed Non-Alcoholic

Soda water & lime juice
Shirley Temple
Orange juice, 7-UP, & grenadine
Roy Rogers
Pepsi & grenadine

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Grolsch Radler Non-Alcoholic (500ml Can)
Heineken Non-Alcoholic (300ml Bottle)
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