**Please note the Calgary Herald mistakenly published an article that we were closing/moving, this is NOT true we remain open and in the same location!**

Literally translated “Pannenkoek” is the Dutch word for pancake. A Pannenkoek is a delicious crepe with a variety of ingredients cooked right into the batter, making this not your average North American pancake. In the Netherlands, they are eaten primarily for lunch or dinner, but our variety of choices makes them perfect for any meal!

Pannenkoek size and taste can vary depending on who is cooking and the method used, but at the Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus you can expect your Pannenkoek to be 12” in diameter, rolled out thin with most savoury ingredients cooked right in the batter and some of our sweet ingredients are served right on top.  The more ingredients added, the more filling a Pannenkoek becomes!

Along with more than 45 different suggested combinations on the regular menu, each month our chefs and staff work together to create a new and delicious masterpiece for you to savour as well as the option to Build Your Own Pannenkoek! With over a million pannenkoeken sold we are sure there is one that will appeal to your taste buds.

Where It All Began...

In the Netherlands, Pannenkoek is as popular as pizza or hamburgers are in North America. There are over 250 Pannenkoek restaurants throughout the country. There is even an Association of Recognized Pannenkoek Restaurants (check out the list on the t-shirt in the front entrance).

In January of 1996, the journey to bring the Pannenkoek concept to Calgary began. I, Denice Greenwald, founder of the Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus, trained at “De Bosrand”, a recognized restaurant in southern Holland specializing in making these delicious pannenkoeken. There, I learned the skill, technique, and recipe, unique even by Netherlands standards. The very pans we use to cook the pannenkoeken were designed and patented by the same man who trained me. This is the only restaurant in Canada trained in this particular method, which makes us unique.

Once in Calgary, some ingredients needed to be imported directly from the Netherlands and the cooking techniques needed to be modified to compensate for the difference in altitude and humidity. It was all about getting the correct consistency, colour, and texture to the batter. With great persistence and weeks of trial and error, it was finally figured out and the Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus was opened for business, on January 28, 1997.

People from all over the world are raving about our food. With accolades from local food critics, a feature on the Food Network (You Gotta Eat Here), write ups in Gourmet Magazine in New York, and numerous other features we can assure you that people love our food.

I hope you come back again and again to try our countless recipes and different versions of what has been referred to as “truly a Dutch Dining Treat”. Hope you enjoy your experience!

Denice Greenwald

Founder & Owner