We offer over 40 Varieties of the Original Savory & Sweet Dutch Pancakes, plus

unlimited Combinations with our Build-Your-Own Menu

and we are Fully Licensed.

**Please note the Calgary Herald mistakenly published an article that we were closing/moving, this is NOT true we remain open and in the same location!**

Literally translated Pannenkoek is the Dutch word for Pancake, however this is not anything like the fluffy pancakes that Canadians know and serve. It is definitely not the pancake you get on the streets of Calgary during the Stampede. Instead Pannenkoek is served as a main dish. It is a meal in itself.

You may choose from many varieties and there is a Pannenkoek to suit everyone's taste. The basis is a crepe to which savory or sweet ingredients can be added. Pannenkoek size and taste can vary depending upon who is doing the cooking and what method they use. But here, you can expect your Pannenkoek to be 12" in diameter, rolled out thin with most of the ingredients baked right into the batter. The thinner Pannenkoek can be rolled up to eat but most can be eaten just as they are.

In the Netherlands, Pannenkoek restaurants are plentiful. There are more than 250 Pannenkoek restaurants throughout the country. There is even an Association of Recognized Pannenkoek Restaurants. Take a look at the T-shirt in the front entrance and you will see some of these members. You can recognize the members by the symbol of the wooden crepe pan plaque in their entryways. Many of these restaurants are found in historical city centres, nature reserves, historic buildings, windmills or farmhouses - part of the fun when visiting the Netherlands!

The owner of Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus, received her initial training at one of these recognized restaurants in the Netherlands, in order to bring it to you, our valued customers. Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus is the only restaurant of its kind in Canada trained in this particular method, which makes them unique. They have received outstanding recognition and can be seen in "My Favourite Restaurants" in Calgary and Banff, written by John Gilchrist, numerous other articles and reviews, and their outstanding review in "Gourmet Magazine", the October 2002 edition.

We can assure you that this will be a taste treat, so go ahead and try one. When ordering your Pannenkoek, just think about the toppings that you want to enjoy, and then pick one of the combinations that we have designed for you or be daring and try the specialty of the month or build your own!